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Curated Events and Outdoor Adventures for the LGBT Community and our Allies


California Gay Adventures (SoCal) is a group of LGBT friends & straight allies in Southern California who enjoy getting out of town for fun adventures. This includes any of the following; camping, canoeing, kayaking, caving, canyoning, climbing, extreme sports, fishing, flying, horse-back riding, surfing, motorsports, powerboats, skiing, sailing, windsurfing, scuba, snorkeling, whitewater rafting and more!

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1) Click the JOIN button and register so you can sign-up for adventures, comment on posts and interact with other members. This will also enroll you into email and push notifications (which you have complete control over).

2) Explore our network. This is not a typical website. This is a platform that showcases our past, current and future plans for events and adventures hosted by CGA.

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4) Want to get SOCIAL? Comment on a post, or join our SOCIAL network on Facebook. for our SOCAL group, or our NORCAL group.

5) JOIN US on your first adventure and get ready for new experiences and to make new friends.

We are also looking for members who LOVE to plan adventures. Check out our GROUPS section and join our Planning Group today.

See you on a future adventure!!

The Rules!

CGA was created in 2018 for a group of SoCal friends to go on camping trips together. We have since grown, which requires a few simple rules:

1) RESPECT - Always respect each other whether in our online network, social media, or on an event or adventure.

2) BULLIES & AGGRESSION - This is rarely an issue, but does need to be said. Bullying and sexual aggression will get you removed from our group, usually the FIRST time. It is not tolerated.

3) POSTS & COMMENTS - Please see rules #1 and 2. No political posts and no bullying. All posts must be related to our group content. 

4) EVENT CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS - All events and adventures have a no refund policy. If you need to cancel, we recommend finding another member to fill your spot, this is your responsibility.

5) DRINKING & DRUGS - Moderation is highly encouraged and expected. Please, no hard drugs use.

We may update this from time to time.

Thank you from the CGA admin team! 

Our Adventures

The California Gay Adventure team hosts and promotes monthly outdoor adventures in California and beyond. We are currently down due to the Corona-Virus, but anticipate being back up and running in 2021. 

Past adventures include; Joshua Tree, Mammoth, Costa Rica, Catalina Island, Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Pismo Beach and much more. 

Our overnight adventures usually consist of 16-24 members. We stay in cabins, tents or even yurts and RV's. Most are 2-3 nights with some big trip lasting up to 9-10 days (Costa Rica, Yellowstone, etc.)

We also host many day trips and events. From a bus trip to see the Poppies in Drag (optional, see above) to charitable pool parties, beach bonfires, skydiving, rafting and much more.

Join us! Our mission is to create heart-centered connections with like-minded LGBT members through outdoor adventures and community involvement and action.


Due to COVID, currently, our memberships are NO COST. In the future, we plan to charge a small membership fee to access our events and adventures.

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