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Welcome to California Gay Adventures

Curated Events and Outdoor Adventures for the LGBTQIA+ Community.


California Gay Adventures* mission is to create a community of connection and adventure for our LGBTQIA+ members through social events, outdoor activities, education, and community action.

We offer an inclusive safe space where community members can come together to collaborate and develop new friendships. We call this our #CGAFam!

Our adventurous members live throughout California and beyond and enjoy getting together to explore and experience this BIG state, country, and world together... sometimes roughing it and learning from our experiences.

Our events and adventures include a wide variety of outdoor activities from hiking to camping to bowling nights, pool parties, international trips, cabin rentals, and much more.

We hope to see you at a local event or on a future overnight adventure soon.
~ The CGA Board Of Directors & Leadership Team



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Become a member today! Here is how to sign up:

1) Pick a Membership Level and JOIN US!

2) Explore our network. You can view events past and future and also see topics and photo albums in our memories section. 

3) Get Social! Comment on a post on the website, or join one of our social networks.
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4) JOIN US on your first CGA adventure! We are always planning new events and adventures and are looking forward to meeting you.

5) Volunteer & Get Involved! We are always looking for leaders and volunteers who enjoy organizing, planning, and helping with our outdoor events and adventures. We recommend joining in on a few before you start planning. Interested in volunteering? Contact [email protected] for more information.

See you on an adventure soon!

Our Guidelines

  1. One Strike Rule - CGA reserves the right to remove any member from the group and from attending future events if rules are not followed.
  2. Bullies & Sexual Aggression - Any form of bullying is not allowed. Sexual aggression is not allowed. This includes unwanted and persistent flirting. This applies to all events and adventures and within our social media groups.
  3. Drinking & Drugs - CGA assumes no responsibility for CGA Members drinking or using legal drugs at any CGA event. Underage drinking or legal drug use is not allowed (under 21) Illegal drugs are not allowed at CGA events and adventurers. Impairment in any form during hikes and other physical activities is unsafe and not allowed.
  4. Music, Noise & Quiet Times - Please respect others.  Quiet time for events in public spaces is at 10pm, or as posted in public space. When we are in private spaces will extend to midnight or a time deemed appropriate by leaders of the event. 
  5. Social Posts - Outdoor/Adventure-related content only.
  6. Political Posts & Arguments - No politically divisive posts or arguments, please. 
  7. Event Cancellations & Refunds - All events and adventures have a no-refund policy. If you need to cancel, it is your responsibility to find another member to take your spot. Many trips have waitlists and the CGA team will notify CGA members on the waitlist of open spots once the event, adventure, or trip has been filled. Travel insurance is highly recommended.

    Thank you from the CGA Admin Team! 

Our Adventures

The CGA Planning Committee is hard at work planning future hikes, day adventures, camping trips, and more for our members. We have a strong Los Angeles area member base with many members in San Diego as well. We invite you to join CGA and check it out for yourself. 

Past adventures include; Joshua Tree, Mammoth, Costa Rica, Catalina Island, Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Pismo Beach, Grand Tetons, Colorado, Yellowstone, LaPaz, and much more. 

Our overnight camping adventures include both Big & Small group trips. Our Big group trips (3-4 per year) have 20-80 members attending with our annual Big Sur event usually being the largest. Our small group camping trips (6-8 per year) usually have 8-15 members. Camping trips usually fall on weekends.

We also host many day trips and events. From a bus trip to see the Poppies in Drag to charitable pool parties, beach bonfires, skydiving, theme park days, rafting, and much more. Our limit is only based on the limitation of our volunteer members. Love to plan? Join us and jump into one of our volunteer committees.

Our mission is to create a community of connection and adventure for our LGBTQIA+ members through social events, outdoor activities, education, and community action. 

Not sure yet? That is OK, check out our FREE Facebook Groups and join those first.
CGA SoCal Facebook Group
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Not-For-Profit Organization

As of January 1, 2023, California Gay Adventures is a registered 501c7 not-for-profit social organization. As a 501c7 organization, member dues and donations are not tax deductible. Inquiries: [email protected]

Why charge a member fee?

California Gay Adventures is a 501(c)(7) not-for-profit organization, meaning our member dues are essential to our operations. These funds enable us to cover our annual and monthly budgets, including overhead expenses like website hosting, member portal fees, registration systems, administrative tools (Zoom, Google Workspace, QuickBooks), and more. We also have costs related to branding, marketing, and annual tax services, all of which help nurture and grow our organization. Managing events, pages, and registration requires significant effort, and while all our members, leaders, directors, captains, and hosts are volunteers, we also pay vendors for specific services. Your membership fee, which ranges from $24.99 (hiking/social) to $129.99 (founders) per year (less than 70 cents a day), not only supports fun events and adventures but also enables our community projects like beach clean-ups, volunteering at the California Wildlife Center, and Project Angel Food. Join us and be part of a community that makes a difference!