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Curated Events and Outdoor Adventures for the LGBTQ+ Community and our Allies


California Gay Adventures is a group of LGBTQ+ friends & straight allies who enjoy getting out of town for fun adventures. This includes camping, canoeing, kayaking, caving, canyoning, climbing, extreme sports, fishing, flying, horseback riding, surfing, motorsports, powerboats, skiing, sailing, windsurfing, scuba, snorkeling, whitewater rafting, and more! Join us!



Get Started

As of March 1, 2022, an annual membership fee will be required. This is to help CGA pay for basic expenses and will help us grow into the future. You will see more events, adventures and big trips. We are excited. Here is how to join us:

1) Pick a Membership Level & Sign-Up. We also offer a free one-month trial to get in a check out the group. If it's not for you, we understand, you do not have to renew. Our Facebook groups will always be free.

2) Explore our network. This is not a typical website. This is a platform that showcases our past, current, and future events and adventures hosted by CGA and our members.

3) Get SOCIAL? Comment on a post on the website, or join our SOCIAL network on Facebook. for our Southern California group, or our Northern California group. There is no fee to join our Facebook groups.

4) JOIN US on your first CGA adventure! Hike, bike, camp, or 4x4? We are looking forward to meeting you.

5) HELP! We are always looking for leaders who enjoy organizing and planning outdoor events and adventures. We recommend joining in on a few before you start planning.

See you on an adventure soon!

Our Guidelines

CGA was thought up in late 2017 by a group of SoCal friends who went on a camping trip together to Yosemite. We have since grown into a network of like-minded LGBTQ+ individuals throughout California.

We have a few, simple guidelines:

1) RESPECT - Always respect each other whether in our online network, social media, or on an event or adventure.

2) BULLIES & AGGRESSION - Any form of bullying is not allowed. Sexual aggression is not allowed EVER. This includes unwanted persistent flirting. Applies on all events and adventures and within our social media groups.

3) ON TRIPS: Drinking & Drugs - Moderation with alcohol is HIGHLY encouraged and expected. Let’s respect our members who do not drink and those who choose to be sober. No hard drugs at any events or adventures, please.

4) ON TRIPS: Public Nudity - This is not a nudist group. Nudity is not allowed on CGA adventures unless expressly mentioned in the event description. This includes all public areas or campgrounds, rental homes, etc.

5) ON TRIPS: Public Sex - Public sex is not allowed. Keep it in your tent, room, truck, trailer, or go for a hike away from camp. This is an area of concern. Violators will be removed from the group.

6) ON TRIPS: Music & Noise - Please respect others. Keep the noise down past 10pm and OFF after Midnight. If you have a portable speaker, please be aware of others. Headphones are always a great choice if you need some tunes.

7) FACEBOOK: Social Posts - Outdoor/Adventure-related content only. No dating/hook-up/thirst posts allowed. Post your future plans and your past adventure photos. Introduce yourself with adventure-related photos/content. 

8) FACEBOOK: Over-posting - Please keep member posts to a maximum of one post per week. We love seeing your hikes and adventure, but not every day. This rule does not apply to official announcements, notices, and moderator posts.

9) Political Posts/Comments - No politically divisive posts or comments, please. This should be a place for ALL of us to get along.

10) Promotional Posts/Comments - Promotional posts are not allowed without express permission from CGA leaders.

Thank you from the CGA Admin Team! 

Our Adventures

The CGA Planning Committee is hard at work planning future hikes, day adventures, camping trips, and more for our members. We have a strong Los Angeles member base with many members in San Diego as well. As of early 2022, most of our events and adventures are curated for these members. We anticipate growing into other areas in California as well through our volunteers and leaders.

Past adventures include; Joshua Tree, Mammoth, Costa Rica, Catalina Island, Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Pismo Beach, Grand Tetons, Colorado, Yellowstone, and much more. 

Our overnight camping adventures usually consist of 15-30 members. We stay in cabins, tents, or even yurts and RVs. Most are 2-3 nights with some big trips lasting up to 9-10 days (Costa Rica, Yellowstone, Lake Powell, etc.)

We also host many day trips and events. From a bus trip to see the Poppies in Drag to charitable pool parties, beach bonfires, skydiving, theme park days, rafting, and much more.

Join us! Our mission is to create heart-centered connections with like-minded LGBTQ+ members through outdoor adventures and community involvement and action.

Not sure yet? That is OK, check out our FREE Facebook Groups and join those first... California Gay Adventures SoCal & California Gay Adventures NorCal. 



Member Dues:

Starting March 1, 2022, CGA Member Dues will begin. This will help us fund important items to help support CGA financially including insurance, future adventure funding, and more. Your monthly or annual contributions will directly affect who we continue to build and grow CGA. Thank you for your support.

For a LIMITED TIME, you can TRY CGA for ONE MONTH for FREE! Join us on an adventure and let us know what you think.


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